Meet Our Staff

Meet The Dedicated Pecan Bayou Ranch Staff

Robert Gokey

Robert Gokey

Robert’s hunting experience ranges from the Northern regions of the United States to the south of Mexico. Hunting since the day he could hoist his own shotgun, Robert brings a true passion to the sport, along with years of study into the science of Waterfowl migration habits. His creative and time tested techniques ensure your hunts to be successful. Robert spends countless hours at Pecan Bayou Ranch throughout the year ensuring the proper environment, guaranteeing the ponds stay full, and maintaining the vegetation so that come duck season, the hunting is fruitful. Texas Hog Hunts are fruitful at this ranch because Robert feeds the hogs year round. Being his Father’s son, Robert is quite the host, welcoming guests with a warm smile, and a quick joke. His goal is to assure you have nothing to concern yourself with, except pulling the trigger during your stay. Whether it be Hog’s or Duck’s you come for, a hunt with Robert is an event to be remembered for years to come. 

Patrick Brown

Patrick is an avid outdoorsman. During the winter months, Patrick guides Hog and Duck Hunts at Pecan Bayou Ranch. In the summer, he does offshore fishing guides using his own custom designed fishing lures.  A true outdoorsman, Patrick killed his first hog as a teen and fell in love with the thrill of hunting this elusive and dangerous animal. His Waterfowl experience includes duck hunting from all the way down on the bays of the lower gulf coast, to the Piney Woods of East Texas, then all the way up to the Red River. His knack for identifying duck species and ability to call will ensure your with hunt him will be fun and fulfilling. Patrick’s trade is engineering, and he uses an engineers keen sense of spotting patterns to assure his hunters sit on the right stand to take one of the giant hogs of Pecan Bayou Ranch. Come hunting with Patrick and add a true experience to the book of your life.

 Brian Bulgier

I have spent the last thirty plus years studying and honing my skills as it relates to hunting. Introduced to the sport at the age of eight by my uncle, I have primarily dedicated my studies and time to Waterfowl hunting . I shot my first green head in the marshes of Anahuac. At the age of twenty six, I shot my first banded bird. I have guided off and on throughout the years, as well as donated my time and equipment guiding for the Texas Youth Hunting Program through the Texas Wildlife Association. I have hunted ducks in almost every part of Texas from the marsh, the bays, to flooded timber, and prairie pot holes. I promise a memorable adventure. I’ve also hunted Hogs in all parts of Texas and Louisiana. Whether it be from the stand or following behind the dogs, there is little that gets me excited more than a Huge set of Tusks. With the acres of corn and clover we feed year round, plus Pecan Bayou on the property and the Red River only a few miles away, our hogs get plenty of nourishment and grow some of the biggest tusks I’ve seen in East Texas.

Bobby Gokey

Bobby “Bub” Gokey is the Patriarch of the Gokey Family who own and operate Pecan Bayou Ranch. An active member and contributor to Ducks Unlimited for decades, Bobby’s hunting experience stretches over a fifty year span. Bub has hunted from the North of Canada, throughout the United States and down to the South of Mexico. Whether he is your guide or regaling you with his humorous anecdote, tales of nature and the many hunts he’s experienced in his lifetime, you will remember the smiles he brings to your face for years to come. Bub likes the big game. He spends the offseason at the ranch, planting crops and filling feeders to ensure the hogs are fat, feisty and primed for the taking. Much like Phil Robertson, if you see one of the giant Beaver, Bub’s gonna be whispering in your ear, “Shoot, shoot, get him now. Shoot”.  Come have an experience with Bobby “Bub” Gokey