Our Game

Pecan Bayou Ranch Game Available To Hunt

Hog & Varment Huntin'

At Pecan Bayou Ranch, we feed our hogs year round with corn from our multiple feeders. We also plant corn and clover for natural grazing and other plants to give them plenty to root for throughout the year. Besides hogs, we have plenty of other “Varmints” you are free to shoot. These include Bobcat, Coyote, Beavers and other wild game. On our hunts, you are free to shoot any you want to take home with you.

Waterfowl Huntin'

Pecan Bayou Ranch has over 200 acres in lakes specifically designed by Ducks Unlimited to entice ducks to light during their migration to the south each year. The Ranch sits on the Eastern side of the Central Flyway and is in the path of nearly 75% of the Waterfowl who use this Flyway each year. We plant millett and sorghum along with the water grasses the ducks use for food to keep them coming day after day.