Trip Details

Pecan Bayour Ranch is a Ducks Unlimited designed and engineered wetlands Reserve. As a guest you will arrive on Friday afternoon and as you drive past the well manicured lawn at Pecan Bayou Lodge, you should be prepared to enjoy all the ammenities of home as your weekend begins. Our staff will unload your vehicle for you and get you set up in one of our seven bedrooms. These rooms range from single Queen, to double Queen and bunk rooms. The lodge is operated much like a Bed and Breakfast. On Friday you will join the other guests for dinner before relaxing in either the large living with fireplace and 50″ television or have some fun in the gameroom with Pool Table, Dominoes, or Darts before going to bed. We will wake you on Saturday morning with a small snack prepared before we gather in our covered staging area for your guides to take you, on one of our fleet of Utility Vehicles, to either your blind for hog, coyote, bobcat and varmint hunting or to your Duck Blind for an unbelievable morning of hunting. After you’ve shot your share, your guide will bring you back to the lodge where a hearty breakfast will be served. You will be left to nap, play games, relax in a big chair or go outside and explore the area around the Lodge. We’ll have lunch cooked for you in the early afternoon, and in early evening, we’ll gather together again for the guides to take you to a blind. Either one of our Bow Hunting tree stands if you wish to bow hunt, or one of our double box stands for an evening of Hog and varmint hunting. We will have a big supper ready for you when the evening hunt has ended.  Then we will repeat the adventure for Sunday. As a previous guest said at the Lodge, “All you have to do is put on your own boots, then the folks at Pecan Bayou Ranch take care of the rest.”

We don’t hunt ducks in the evening as we have learned through experience that if we leave them to rest and become comfortable at night, your Saturday morning and Sunday morning hunts are far more fruitfull.

Hunts are $700 per person per weekend. This includes all meals and ammenities. If you wish your guide to clean your kill for you, there will be a tip to the guide worked out between you and him at that time.