About Us

A Little About Ourselves

Pecan Bayou Ranch is a family owned and operated 841 acre Ranch in Northern Texas, located in the Red River Bottom, just a few miles south of the Oklahoma Border. This pristine property utilizes a multi generational approach to hunting and conservation, by the Gokey Family, in partnership with the Wetland Reserve Program, to preserve and restore wetlands for the betterment of all wildlife species.  

Pecan Bayou Ranch has more than 200 acres of impoundment’s, designed by the Wildlife Experts at Ducks Unlimited, specifically to maximize the habitat necessary for Waterfowl as they journey along the Central Flyway from their Nesting area’s in North America.

In Duck hunting, food is King. Our Ranch Managers cultivate Brown Top millet, Japanese millet, sorghum and native Duck weed in, alongside and near the impoundment’s, providing food for the thousands of ducks who fill the sky’s above our property each season.

Our facility rests on the Eastern Border of the Central Flyway. In the sky’s above Pecan Bayou Ranch, according to Ducks Unlimited, fly the majority of the Waterfowl using this flyway.

For larger animals, such as Hog, we keep our corn and protein feeders running year round, along with planting countless acres of crops such as corn, soybean, and clover. Elevated blinds for bow hunting along with double box blinds overlook feeding plots with plenty of Hogs to make your hunt a success.

At Pecan Bayou Ranch, we offer an experience. From our Ducks Unlimited designed duck pond’s to our 1st class lodging facilities with all the comforts of home, and our trained Guides, we have one mission in mind and that is to leave you with an experience you will cherish and remember the rest of your life.

We offer two separate hunting packages.

1. Hog and Varmint hunting. Our hog and varmint hunts include Hog’s plus Coyote, Beaver, Bobcat and Raccoon. Any animal legally within season, except deer and Ducks are included in this package.

2. Duck hunts take place on Saturday and Sunday mornings, your evening Saturday hunt will be a Hog and other Varmints hunt. We leave our ducks to rest in the evenings so they are comfortable for the next morning.

Come share an adventure with our Family!

Pecan Bayour Ranch, 841 pristine acres dedicated to wildlife management.

Our Lodge has 7 bedrooms with multiple sleeping arrangements running from Queen to single to bunk rooms. Bring the family and enjoy the game room and other amenities.